A Bridge Between Vibrant Markets

BridgeBCN advises individuals and companies interested in expanding their business from Spain to the U.S., or from the U.S. to Spain.  Bridging the two continents, our bilingual experts and partners on both sides of the Atlantic will help you reach your goals in these vibrant markets.


Achieve Your Dream

Dedicated to offering responsive, cost-effective service, we customize solutions for each client’s specific needs and stay with you throughout the process. Launching a business project abroad can seem daunting, but we employ a range a comprehensive methods to help you achieve your goals, including market research, recommendations on site selection, analyses of start-up and ongoing costs of doing business, legal services, advice on government incentives and more.

Expert Guidance

Our consultants and attorneys based in the U.S. and Spain have decades of experience in domestic and international business, contract negotiation, finance, law, and government affairs.  All of us are committed to ensuring our international clients have the information and advice they need to make informed and timely decisions to reach their goals.


Site Advisory

Choosing the right location for your business in the U.S. or Spain is critical to your long-term success.

Site selection can make or break your enterprise.  Whether you want to open a new sales office, distribution center, manufacturing facility or any other presence in the U.S. or Spain, we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right site. Picking a location can involve a variety of factors: Operational costs such as real estate, buildings, utilities, labor and logistics; supply lines and proximity of markets and transportation; national and local laws and regulations; the availability of tax and other financial incentives; and even local customs, traditions and politics. Site selection is a decision that can last for decades — we’ll help you make the best choice.


Many state, regional and local authorities offer financial incentives to persuade businesses to locate or expand operations in their area.  Officials often have significant discretion, so our experienced partners on the ground will  help you negotatiate these incentives, which could increase your ROI by 20% or more.  Our partners have helped hundreds of businesses maximize their incentives — and their profits.   


We tailor legal services to your type of business, its location and its specific needs. Our legal network will help ensure you comply with national and local laws and regulations in the U.S. or Spain.  We’ll also help you avoid issues well before they happen and keep legal costs down.


Our financial experts will help you assess the level of risk and opportunities your potential investment offers so you can make informed decisions.  Whether you’re planning to launch a new business abroad or expand the one you currently have, we’ll develop a specific financial strategy to help you to achieve your goal – and avoid costly mistakes.



Our specialists work with stakeholders to understand the unique needs of each project, including site, infrastructure, real estate, timeline and key milestone dates, projected headcount and employee skill requirements, desired labor rates, and capital investment, always focused on maximizing your bottom line.


Bridge BCN can help raise capital through public and private markets based on a unique strategy combining leading-edge financial expertise with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and operations. Our long-term involvement with private funding companies and public investment enables us to help you find the right funding solution for your project in the U.S. or Spain.

Site Selection and Incentive Analysis

We’ll identify and research the sites best suited to your goals by leveraging a vast network of real estate and private sector partners, as well as state and local economic development agency relationships, and we’ll analyze available financial incentive programs that could save you money.

Project execution

Once you’ve selected a site, we’ll continue providing the data, analysis and other support necessary to launch your project.  Close coordination is critical in this phase to ensure your entity receives the maximum financial incentives offered by regional entities.  We’ll work with the relevant development agencies to finalize incentive packages, and we’ll assist with real estate negotiations, operation and logistics analyses, negotiations with utility representatives, local business leaders, transport and industrial suppliers, and any other local or regional actors that might be essential for the success of your project.


Jordi Domingo

Graduated in Law from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Jordi’s primarily focus during his professional career has been to develop a business professional orientation. Jordi has lived in Philadelphia, Miami, London and Madrid, besides Barcelona where he is originally from.

Among the main features of his professional background, Jordi has experience in sales, business development, marketing, operations, management and law. His extensive experience in working by several employers, including Rubi Tools USA and the US Commercial Service, brings him a high knowledge in conducting business internationally.

Since his young age, Jordi has always been connected to the United States.

As a Cofounder of Bridge BCN, he is now looking forward to assisting all those enterprises and individuals who would like initiate or expand their business abroad.

Josep Maria Llull

Graduated in law from the University of Barcelona, Josep Maria is the founding partner of Aquit Legal, and he heads the Real Estate and International Departments of the firm.

He has a wide and extensive professional experience that was spent in large international firms (Baker & McKenzie and Garrigues-Andersen), which have prepared him for the challenges of the global world.

In particular, his experience in large international firms has made it easier to work with a team and to understand the needs of companies and clients in general.

He specializes in the recurrent advice to expatriate clients and foreign companies in Spain. His experience is also extensive in helping foreign clients better understand their legal and business issues in Spain.

Yago Sobrevias Marti

Yago has a Degree in the SCHILLER UNIVERSITY -in Heidelberg, Germany as Masters of Business Administration, and he also has a Degree in Advance Portfolio Managing and Planning and he obtained from KNOX COLLEGE – Galesburg, Illinois, a Degree as Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

He is a therefore a financial professional with proven expertise, solid transaction record and strong analytical skills.

Fluent in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English, He has been working and collaborating as Financial Representative, Patrimonial Banker, Treasury Manager and Financial Consultant, amongst others in MERRILL LYNCH.


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