On some occasions, we are asked about the location of manufacturing sites in the United States.

Today, we want to refer to the fact that in the United States there are programs for the creation of manufacturing sites physically located in Mexico, although very close to the border with the United States.

American operators have reminded us that operating manufacturing sites on either side of the border has certain advantages.

Among these advantages we have, for example, the fact that labor in Mexico is potentially cheaper, and with a good level of quality.

Viewed from the perspective of implementation in the United States in places like South Texas, it can mean that energy and other resources are cheaper, as well as a certain “friendly environment” towards businesses.

In this way, on certain occasions, implementation is carried out through so-called “shelter” companies, which basically from their outsourcing capacity can accurately determine which operations are suitable on each side of the border.

We at Bridge Barcelona can assist you in this matter.

Yago Sobrevías Martí

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